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Ask any marriage or family counselor, neighbor or friend, employer or employee, church leader or attendee: relational conflict is a painful and persistent problem for everyone. As the world moves faster and personal stress mounts, and as modern culture becomes increasingly wired and saturated by media, this book enables anyone to eliminate conflicts or reduce their frequency. Each chapter contains simple, time-tested strategies that can make every relationship more meaningful.

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Biblical maturity.

Spiritual Fitness provides a real, life-driven approach to answering the question, If I m a Christian, why do I still struggle? Packed with tested advice and Scripture-based strategies, Spiritual Fitness extends the health club metaphor of physical fitness to the spiritual pursuit of health and wholeness. The fitness appeal makes this book a personal and practical guide for every reader who longs to experience the peace and joy that a spiritually fit life brings. Small group notes and other valuable resources are available by clicking the "Resources" link in the menu.

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Rarely do you find a self-help book that  feels like an old friend.

-Reno Hoff, Ph. D.



Marty Trammell, PhD.

Co-author of Redeeming Relationships (FaithWalk Publishing/CCS) and Spiritual Fitness (Credo). He has written stories for Chicken Soup, Guideposts, Waterbrook Multnomah, Bethany House and notes in study bibles for Tyndale, Thomas Nelson, and Zondervan. Marty is a popular communicator who has been nicknamed “Dr. Love” by college couples who come to him and his wife, Linda, for pre-marital counseling and help with their marriages. He has been the Valentines’ Day guest chapel speaker for 14 consecutive years and has presented more than a hundred marriage workshops on the West Coast and as far away as Torino, Italy. He is the English/Communication Chair at Corban University (Salem, OR) and a pastor at Perrydale Church. Marty and Linda have three sons and two daughters-in-law who share their ministries and help them enjoy sports, music and travel.


Rich Rollins, D.Min.

Co-author of Redeeming Relationships and Spiritual Fitness, has appeared on Family Life Today with Dennis Rainey and served as a healthcare professional, college Vice-President and church consultant. For more than forty years, Rich’s work on relational conflict and spiritual growth has made him a sought-after counselor and conference speaker. Rich co-directs Redeeming Relationship ministries.  He has been featured on Family Life Radio with Dennis Rainey and Night Line radio (in the San Francisco Bay Area).  Rich served as director and announcer for Truth for Today, a radio program featuring Valley Bible Church. He has written articles for Focus on the Family's online magazine. Dr. Rollins has also been the key note speaker at over twenty Family and Marriage conferences.

Rich and his wife, LouAnna, live in Southern California. They have been married for over fifty-four years. They have two daughters and sons-in-law, three grand-children, and two foster daughters.


Another helpful article you two! Appreciate your commitment to the Word and to those of us who want to improve our relationships and help others as well. Thanks!

-Mary Morgan



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